Definition of drop cloth in English:

drop cloth


North American
  • A large sheet for covering furniture or flooring to protect it from dust or while decorating; a dust sheet.

    • ‘Put newspaper or a drop cloth on the floor under the hanging bunches to catch fallen leaves, seeds, and petals.’
    • ‘Then, tape a drop cloth, craft paper or similar material to the masking tape to protect the surrounding floor to keep saw dust and other debris from getting under the protective covering’
    • ‘Protect your floor (wood or carpet) with a drop cloth.’
    • ‘If working indoors, cover the floor with a thick layer of plastic and add a canvas drop cloth on top of that.’
    • ‘Take the drop cloth by the four corners and carry it out; put it into a trash can or someplace outside where it won't harm anything, at least not permanently.’
    • ‘Lay down a canvas drop cloth or other covering to protect nearby surfaces, such as floors, tubs, and countertops.’
    • ‘Avoid spraying when there is any wind, and hang a drop cloth or large piece of cardboard behind the railing to catch the overspray.’
    • ‘A drop cloth is a 3-by 3-foot piece of muslin or plastic with dowel rods attached to each side.’
    • ‘Cover the work surface with plain newsprint or a drop cloth.’
    • ‘Then cover the surrounding planks with a drop cloth, craft paper, or similar material to protect the existing floor.’
    • ‘Pansy and Helen had thought of everything for painting, including a drop cloth to protect the blond hardwood floors.’
    • ‘All experiments were conducted over a drop cloth to permit 100 percent collection of the debitage.’
    • ‘Place a canvas drop cloth over the floor of the tub or shower to protect the surface from the sand-like grout that can scratch it.’
    • ‘Protect your floors and minimize clean-up by covering the floor with a plastic drop cloth.’
    • ‘He appeared with a large model of something hidden under a drop cloth.’
    • ‘Cover a floor area with a drop cloth and set up a card table or sawhorse/plywood work surface over the cloth.’
    • ‘So grab your drop cloth, brush, and ladder and get out there before it rains.’
    • ‘Place a drop cloth below or adjacent to the fence to catch debris and paint drips or overspray.’
    • ‘Place any objects you are not removing from the room in the center and cover them with a drop cloth.’
    • ‘When he got home, Trevor found a ladder laid across the floor on top of a drop cloth.’


drop cloth