Definition of drop dead in English:

drop dead


  • 1Die suddenly and unexpectedly.

    ‘she had seen her father drop dead of a heart attack’
    • ‘After his wife suddenly drops dead while vacuuming, his life takes an unexpected turn.’
    • ‘Suddenly he drops dead and his soul is whisked away, to his not inconsiderable consternation, to heaven to be judged.’
    • ‘Only later did the pair find out that it was also the name of a racehorse which had performed well in country meetings for a while before suddenly dropping dead.’
    • ‘She came to live in Bolton after her husband William suddenly dropped dead and she had to give up the pub.’
    • ‘When he was eventually released, he suddenly dropped dead - perhaps from brain damage sustained in detention.’
    • ‘In Boston, 32 people with pacemakers, all within a 10-block radius, suddenly drop dead.’
    • ‘Cod liver oil isn't fashionable any longer, but cutting edge research has just shown that omega - 3 fats in fish oil can keep both men and women from dropping dead suddenly.’
    • ‘His father had dropped dead of a heart attack and a 28-year-old uncle suffered the same fate.’
    • ‘How can a perfectly healthy 26-year-old guy just drop dead all of sudden?’
    • ‘Born into a ‘lower middle-class family’ in a village outside Slough, she saw her father, a Polish émigré, drop dead in front of her when she was six years old.’
    • ‘If I am to believe my Chinese friends, my health is so poor, I am in danger of dropping dead at any minute.’
    die, be killed, be slain, be a casualty, be a fatality, be lost, lose one's life, perish, drop dead, meet one's end, meet one's death
    1. 1.1informal in imperative Used as an expression of intense scorn or dislike.
      ‘why don't you just drop dead?’
      • ‘‘Neil really is a nice guy,’ I said coldly. ‘I hope you drop dead.’’
      • ‘Every one of you guys should just drop dead and go to hell.’
      • ‘William murmured into her ear through clenched teeth. ‘Drop dead.’’