Definition of drop goal in English:

drop goal

(also dropped goal)


  • A goal scored in open play by drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar, scoring three points (rugby union) or one point (rugby league).

    • ‘He had earlier opened the scoring with a drop goal and proceeded to score a try of his own and kick five conversions and four penalties.’
    • ‘The Hurricanes scored five goals to earn the bonus point against two goals, a penalty goal and a drop goal.’
    • ‘He also added two conversions and finally stroked over a drop goal to clinch matters with the last kick of the game.’
    • ‘While he was off the pitch the Giants scored two tries and a drop goal took their lead to 15-12.’
    • ‘After a drop goal attempt they drove well to gain a scrum just 15 metres from the try line.’


drop goal

/drɒp ˈɡəʊl/