Definition of drop hammer in English:

drop hammer


  • A large, heavy weight raised mechanically and allowed to drop, as used in drop-forging and piledriving.

    • ‘They are with young engineer Philip, from Cleveland, who has designed a trailer with a hydraulically-operated drop hammer that allows one person to fence off a field.’
    • ‘Trimming should be carried out hot; furnace, drop hammer and trimming press should be as close together as possible to minimize preheating and avoid wasting time and heat.’
    • ‘Because triphammers are relatively puny compared to drop hammers, they have to work with the materials they are forging.’
    • ‘Disclosed is a device for automatically and continuously lifting and dropping a drop hammer.’
    • ‘The process begins with the design of the part being laid up on a mold, transferred to the 'male and female dies' and then mounted to the drop hammer.’