Definition of drop into in English:

drop into

phrasal verb

  • 1Call casually and informally at (a place)

    ‘he'd actually considered dropping into one of the pickup bars’
    • ‘For further information, drop into the Youth Information Centre, Newtown, Castlebar.’
    • ‘Visitors are actually advised not to drop into the Eden Project if it is raining!’
    • ‘Further information can be had by calling 843525 or by dropping into the centre and talking to any of the leaders.’
    • ‘The public can drop into one of the offices of Kerry Citizens Information Service over the next week and find out about rights and entitlements.’
    • ‘Salford residents can drop into their local community centre or library for information.’
    • ‘All unemployed people are welcome to drop into the Monday Club for information all courses currently available.’
    • ‘If Cantlon and Henley wanted to converse with a wider range of people, they could easily drop into a saloon.’
    • ‘Q. If you were passing, you might on occasion drop into the Brownings as you would to any client, is that right?’
    • ‘A third royal visit in just over a week takes place on Tuesday when the Duke of Edinburgh drops into the borough to meet youth workers, teachers and young people who participate in the award scheme which bears his name.’
  • 2Pass quickly and easily into (a habitual state or manner)

    ‘she couldn't help dropping into a Geordie accent’
    • ‘In the beginning, when we entered the room for the first morning sit, we might sense the utter stillness of the place, before dropping into our habitual world of thoughts.’
    • ‘He drops back into his native Aussie in times of stress.’
    • ‘He questions Winters ceaselessly and Dick can't help dropping into officer mode to meet him blow for verbal blow.’
    • ‘For the most part, teenagers can't help dropping into the angsty moody mode periodically.’