Definition of drop names in English:

drop names


  • Casually mention the names of famous people one knows or claims to know in order to impress others.

    ‘he still can't resist dropping names and taking credit’
    • ‘A respected writer and academic, he drops names like confetti, judges everyone, hates to lose at anything and has an arrogance that knows no bounds.’
    • ‘Initially, the characters seem a drawback, particularly Ford, a one-note hustler always dropping names on his cellphone as he walks the streets of New York.’
    • ‘One makes a point of talking really fast, using big words, and dropping names of academic writers in a field he's studied and knows you haven't.’
    • ‘In literary conversations, he is only capable of repeating cant phrases and dropping names.’
    • ‘He's not a man for dropping names, and his two feet are firmly planted on the ground.’
    • ‘I have always found it hilarious when people drop names inaccurately, an ever present peril for those in whom ambition exceeds capacity for detail.’
    • ‘These gave him a chance to drop names, review an adventurous life, and get in a few cracks about the ignorant press.’
    • ‘The film's young protagonist is a High Culture caricature, a bookish revolutionary who parades about in sports jackets and ties, dropping names and spewing lines from poetry and drama by Swinburne, Wilde and Shaw.’
    • ‘There is no need for us to impress others by dropping names or touting our achievements for ‘the closer you get to Jesus, the less you need to promote yourself.’’
    • ‘He reverted back to his horrible habit of dropping names.’