Definition of drop one's bundle in English:

drop one's bundle


informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • Panic; lose one's self-control.

    • ‘Well in January 1994, I had word that my son had been missing for two weeks, which really dropped the bundle, or I dropped my bundle.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister was so desperate to discredit his nemesis that he effectively dropped his bundle.’
    • ‘Thistles will need to be careful that they don't let their disappointment make them drop their bundle over the next four rounds.’
    • ‘Well, she was flitting around and dancing, I call it dancing, you know, and her speech was a bit funny, she seemed all right, but, you know, after the men went she just dropped her bundle.’
    • ‘You've got to be careful not to drop your bundle because you can be feeling that you know how to do this already and then you don't study and you don't prepare.’
    • ‘Johnny is regularly quicker than Eddie The Mouth Irvine in practice, but then drops his bundle in Qualifying and the race.’
    • ‘We already knew that those people who ‘dropped their bundle’ under stress appeared to do less well than those who kept up a cheery disposition, but it was all fairly anecdotal stuff.’
    • ‘It was noted in some studies many years ago, that those people with a positive outlook on life survived cancer much better than those who ‘dropped their bundle’ so to speak.’
    • ‘I felt good towards the later stages of the first half but then dropped my bundle in the second half.’
    • ‘Coulthard has definitely dropped his bundle, in my opinion, resorting to his lame ‘I got held up’ statements to explain his poor qualifying positions of late.’
    admit defeat, concede defeat, stop trying, call it a day, give in, surrender, capitulate, be beaten