Definition of drop one's guard in English:

drop one's guard


  • Abandon one's habitual defensive or protective stance.

    ‘you may feel that because you've been virtuous you can afford to drop your guard’
    • ‘Stalemated, with the both of them pointing their weapons at each other, Ian couldn't afford to drop his guard.’
    • ‘That does not mean, of course, we can drop our guard or fail to take every measure necessary to protect the public.’
    • ‘The minister even drops his guard and lapses into English.’
    • ‘Some accidents, such as drownings and falls, can be caused by people dropping their guard.’
    • ‘Suddenly, after a lively, spirited start, they were hit on the counter-attack then, either side of half-time, dropped their guard and were punished by one of the most lethal finishers in Europe.’
    • ‘Police may also have dropped their guard in cross border vigilance.’
    • ‘I dropped my guard and I looked at the camera as if it was another person and expressed all the emotions I felt at the time.’
    • ‘He was happy to take any questions, but refused some and never entirely dropped his guard.’
    • ‘If you look dejected and say nothing, others have a tendency to drop their guard, confident that they're up against a loser.’
    • ‘If we bask in false security and drop our guard, the rot spreads, corrupting the entire society.’