Definition of drop punt in English:

drop punt


Australian Rules Football
  • A kick in which the ball is held vertically and dropped on to the foot.

    ‘his drop punt from 35 metres out never looked like missing’
    • ‘He always kicked the ball low, generally with a drop punt.’
    • ‘He raised eyebrows by opting to kick around the corner instead of lining up traditional drop punts from the pocket.’
    • ‘It's nothing to see drop punts from 55m land three rows back.’
    • ‘He chose to snap for goal when a conventional drop punt would have sufficed.’
    • ‘He delivered with a 60m drop punt before being mobbed by team-mates.’
    • ‘His drop punt from 25m drifted to the right.’
    • ‘His long, accurate drop punt from the centre finds Brown lurking 25 metres out.’
    • ‘It was the best goal of the game so far, threading a drop punt between the big sticks from deep in the right forward pocket.’
    • ‘Their forward kicked a drop punt from outside 50 to level the score.’
    • ‘He banged home a tidy drop punt to put his team back out by seven points.’