Definition of drop scone in English:

drop scone

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  • A small thick pancake made by dropping spoonfuls of batter onto a frying pan or other heated surface.

    ‘The name is also used in Britain and the USA for a griddle cake like a drop scone.’
    • ‘Simply make a Scotch pancake (drop scone) batter and cook on one side until the top is firm enough to turn, stud the uncooked surface with blueberries, then flip over.’
    • ‘So in order not to have too much comparison, I tend to make the little Scottish ones, drop scones.’
    • ‘But, making some delicious apricot and honey drop scones has restored me, so I'm here at last.’


drop scone

/ˈdräp ˌskōn/ /ˈdrɑp ˌskoʊn/