Definition of drop tank in English:

drop tank


  • An external fuel tank on an aircraft which can be jettisoned when empty.

    • ‘It didn't take me too long to visit the web site of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and see, among the few items exhibited that are not actual airplanes, a drop tank!’
    • ‘When I manned up, I noticed the left drop tank was only half full.’
    • ‘The other pilots stated that they were still on their first drop tank.’
    • ‘My first order of business was to reduce the asymmetric stores, which consisted of my right drop tank.’
    • ‘His first sight of us was when he read the serial number from our centerline drop tank!’
    • ‘Inbound to Amberley the external drop tanks were jettisoned to reduce the overall weight for what became an uneventful landing.’
    • ‘The F - 35 is not limited to internal fuel only; it can carry 600-gallon external drop tanks for ferry flights or for missions that do not require a stealthy signature.’
    • ‘With over 700 gallons internally, Bill decided to add two 300-gallon drop tanks for a total fuel load of over 1300 gallons.’
    • ‘The centreline and the inner-wing hardpoints can carry drop tanks with a 4,400 kg fuel capacity.’
    • ‘Finally, the addition of pylons and drop tanks mitigated the F - 80 and F - 84 bomb load and range limitations.’
    • ‘This plane was fitted with fuel drop tanks that gave it far greater mileage in the air.’
    • ‘The 150-gallon drop tanks not only limited the Lightning's range, but presented problems during normal flight and especially in combat.’
    • ‘The P - 51 had operated successfully with drop tanks for several months with encouraging results.’
    • ‘The aircraft can carry four MICA missiles, two Magic missiles and three drop tanks simultaneously.’
    • ‘Two additional drop tanks can be fitted on the inner hardpoints on the wings, each with a capacity of 270 litres.’
    • ‘One other possible mistake in the publication concerns the drop tanks.’
    • ‘As the plane bottomed out, the drop tanks cleared the runway by less than 20 feet.’
    • ‘After making sure both of my external tanks were transferring, I set the switches to stop, to keep the drop tanks from transferring.’
    • ‘To compensate, two auxiliary drop tanks were fitted below the centre section.’
    • ‘He supposed that's why he'd had two of his missiles replaced with drop tanks.’