Definition of drophead in English:



  • A car having a fabric roof that can be folded down; a convertible.

    ‘a small drophead with a V6 engine’
    • ‘The market for dropheads was unerringly a fair weather one, good when the days are long and the sun is shining, adversely affected by dark, rainy days and longer nights.’
    • ‘And to be a drophead force in the land where dropheads are a significant proportion of cars sold in certain sun-blessed states, it has to be very good as a foreign brand to compete against the merely adequate domestics.’
    • ‘This makes it a true no-compromise everyday car, with none of the hang-ups of all other dropheads in my experience.’
    • ‘Another drophead that was eye-catching was also to be found on the GM stand.’
    • ‘In fact I reckon the only competitor in the style stakes is the Alfa Romeo drophead.’
    soft-top, ragtop, targa