Definition of dropout factory in English:

dropout factory

noundropout factories

  • A high school having a high proportion of students who drop out before completing their course of study.

    • ‘A third strategy involves converting a dropout factory into a successful charter school.’
    • ‘Despite attending one LA dropout factory, Reginald will attend the University of Michigan this fall.’
    • ‘Some of our schools are now nothing less than dropout factories.’
    • ‘Educators say they're worried that dropout factories are becoming vulnerable to privatization.’
    • ‘Three out of 10 students don't graduate on time, many of them attending so-called dropout factories.’
    • ‘To do that, federal state and local governments must work together to remake the "dropout factories."’
    • ‘Florida and South Carolina have the highest percentages; about half the high schools in those states classify as dropout factories.’
    • ‘The panel of educators and researchers say one of the key solutions is to focus on those 2,000 dropout factories.’
    • ‘They are called dropout factories, and they are the worst of our nation's failing schools.’
    • ‘If you can come to Watts, you can come out from the worst one of the worst dropout factories in the country.’
    • ‘"There is no reason that states can't quickly build newer, better, more cost-effective public universities to educate people who are currently stuck in college dropout factories."’
    • ‘According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, there are some 2,000 dropout factories in the nation, but some school administrators are trying to turn things around.’
    • ‘As I was preparing to return from vacation, the Associated Press put out the news that Westinghouse High School was on a list of schools that had been labeled 'dropout factories' because fewer than 60 percent of the students enrolled in them graduated.’
    • ‘'The teeming crowd', wrote LA Times columnist Steve Lopez, 'was no surprise given the latest evidence that California's public schools are dropout factories.'’