Definition of dropped kerb in English:

dropped kerb


  • A small ramp built into the kerb of a pavement to make it easier for people using pushchairs or wheelchairs to pass from the pavement to the road.

    • ‘Railings and hedges would have to be removed, a dropped kerb made from Wigginton Road and, if this was an entrance and exit, the traffic jams would be spectacular.’
    • ‘Because work is being carried out on the road anyway, the dropped kerbs will not cost the council any extra money.’
    • ‘City of York Council tries to help residents with parking needs by encouraging the use of dropped kerbs, allowing residents access to parking within their own properties.’
    • ‘Drivers are frequently parking their cars so that they obstruct dropped kerbs on pavements, which are primarily designed to allow easier wheelchair access.’
    • ‘The High Street is nice because it has been pedestrianised and there are dropped kerbs by the traffic lights which help.’
    • ‘Getting around for someone in a wheelchair entails going in search of dropped kerbs that allow you to get on and off the pavement.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Some of the dropped kerbs are not level with the road surface and the paths are very uneven, making it very hard to get a wheelchair around.’’
    • ‘The plan would see five dropped kerbs installed along Webbs Way, the main road on the estate, at the cost of an estimated £350 per kerb.’
    • ‘There will also be a dropped kerb crossing installed on Towcester Road.’
    • ‘Pavements will now be adapted with dropped kerbs between Croftlands estate, the town centre and the health centre.’
    • ‘A dropped kerb is also to be installed at the pelican crossing, as well as an experimental island along Skipton Road.’
    • ‘On streets where there really is no alternative to pavement parking leave at least five feet between the mirror and the wall, don't obstruct dropped kerbs and ask your neighbours to act in the same responsible manner.’
    • ‘The solution seemed simple - and if less able residents such as Mrs Roby can't access the adopted highway, they should contact the council for a dropped kerb.’
    • ‘It is believed she was using a crossing point with a dropped kerb to cross.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the county council said: ‘It is already our policy to install dropped kerbs whenever we carry out major programmes of maintenance.’’
    • ‘Work to have more dropped kerbs for easier negotiating of footpaths by disabled users or families pushing prams would also be carried out within the village.’
    • ‘Being the driver of an electric wheelchair which has no suspension, I find the state of our paths and dropped kerbs increase my discomfort.’