Definition of dropside in English:



  • (of a cot or a truck) having a side that drops down to open.

    • ‘This dropside truck has served Nissan well in its previous forms and this latest version offers a very good payload to price ratio.’
    • ‘Based on the popular NKR model, the 3.5t 4x2 rigid Grafter will be available as a strong, durable all-steel tipper body with either single or twin rear wheels, or as a dropside body with aluminium sides and single rear wheels.’
    • ‘Multi-drop work with palletised loads make the dropside essential, the delivery order need not be so rigid but the driver must be aware of the non-uniform loading which the vehicle undergoes in such situations.’


  • A side of a cot or truck that drops down to open.

    ‘For more conventional bodies, such as tippers or dropsides, you will more likely have the vehicle built line-side by the manufacturer in-house.’
    ‘The other big force has been makers realising the potential of the dropside at lower weight levels, with Toyota and Nissan's latest offerings looking particularly good for this sector.’