Definition of drought declared in English:

drought declared


  • (of a district) officially recognized as being affected by drought and eligible for relief payments, taxation concessions, and other benefits.

    ‘we will need a lot more rain before we take these shires off the drought declared list’
    • ‘The story is repeated throughout rural Queensland, with 63 per cent of the state drought declared.’
    • ‘The total land area drought declared is slightly under 75 per cent.’
    • ‘Based on previous methods, about half of NSW would be drought declared.’
    • ‘There are now 39 drought declared shires across the state - three of which are partially declared - plus 34 individual farms.’
    • ‘Large parts of Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria missed out on monsoon rain this season, with nine northern shires drought declared yesterday.’
    • ‘One-third of Queensland was officially drought declared last week after the wet season failed.’
    • ‘The state government will provide up to $20,000 in assistance to drought declared producers each financial year.’
    • ‘Severely drier-than-normal soil moisture levels for this time of year remain in parts of drought declared regions of the Otago, Canterbury, and Marlborough regions.’
    • ‘Dry southern parts of the state which haven't seen decent rain this wet season have been added to the long list of drought declared areas.’
    • ‘Farmers across these drought declared regions require a solid 12 months' supply of water on their properties before the declaration is revoked.’