Definition of drover's dog in English:

drover's dog


  • 1Australian, New Zealand A breed of farm dog used in herding cattle, typically a cross between a sheepdog and a mastiff or foxhound.

    ‘a yellow-fanged drover's dog had appeared on the side of the knoll’
    • ‘He took off like a drover's dog for the finish line.’
    • ‘Here's a drover's dog, waiting for his master outside a butcher's shop.’
    • ‘He heard the hoarse short barking of a drover's dog.’
    • ‘He panted distressingly, like a drover's dog on a hot day.’
    • ‘Give me the life of a drover's dog.’
    1. 1.1informal A subordinate person considered unworthy of respect.
      ‘we don't know whether we're voting for the party leader or the drover's dog’
      • ‘If Hawke was the drover's dog, then it is fair to say Keating is what the dog left behind.’
      • ‘A gift from the drover's dog might cripple the dictator.’