Definition of drown one's sorrows in English:

drown one's sorrows


  • Forget one's problems by getting drunk.

    ‘he bought a bottle of whiskey to drown his sorrows’
    • ‘Everyone was trying to drown their sorrows in whisky, vodka, or tequila, but everybody remained sober no matter how much they drank.’
    • ‘She had to get back to her room, she had to forget the past, she had to drown her sorrows in alcohol.’
    • ‘A lot of people are drowning their sorrows in alcohol.’
    • ‘They're not drowning their sorrows, they're having fun.’
    • ‘Police are today warning landlords to be on the lookout for under-age drinkers celebrating their exam success or drowning their sorrows.’
    • ‘Mortgage borrowers will be celebrating a cut in home loan bills from next month, but savers may be drowning their sorrows.’
    • ‘Whereas once we were drowning our sorrows in Kilburn, now we're celebrating our shiny new jobs at Intel.’
    • ‘He's been drowning his sorrows since his wedding day, when the bride… whom he had never seen… never showed up.’
    • ‘You shouldn't drown your sorrows in French wines at the prospect of feeling European.’
    • ‘For the losers, who had spent between £30 million and £45 million each on their bids, there was nothing to do but drown their sorrows.’