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  • 1A beating; a thrashing.

    ‘I'll give the scoundrels a drubbing if I can!’
    • ‘Their relationship then collapsed under the weight of critical drubbings.’
    • ‘The first motivating force was the critical drubbing that 2002's Come With Us album received.’
    • ‘The book endured its share of critical drubbings as well, including a review from The London Times that claimed the book would only appeal to readers with strong hearts and weak intellects.’
    • ‘When it first opened, it got a critical drubbing, but after learning some lessons in hospitality, it's earned a second chance.’
    • ‘But in today's vacuum of cinematic debate, The Brown Bunny seems hopelessly naïve, which is part of the reason for its critical drubbing.’
    • ‘What is going to be the response to the critical drubbing of the Matrix sequels?’
    • ‘These two films took a critical drubbing from some of the more thoughtful critics, but I think they have been undervalued.’
    • ‘For his efforts he was given a drubbing by the left who said his work lacked ‘scientific evidence’ and was ‘misleading’, perhaps ‘wilfully so’.’
    • ‘But it was given a sound drubbing and was headed to political oblivion, picking up less than 2% of the vote, results showed.’
    • ‘He is despised by the overwhelming majority of the population, and most of them will secretly cheer if he gets a drubbing at the hands of the protestors.’
    • ‘It has taken a drubbing from analysts who say its labor costs are too high.’
    • ‘Voters gave them a drubbing.’
    • ‘Past governments might have ignored the ruckus, but the ruling coalition had suffered a nasty drubbing in last month's polls for parliament's lower house.’
    • ‘Whenever I go to London I pass by the site of the Battle of the Thames, where Tecumseh died and we administered a drubbing to you chaps.’
    • ‘After all, it took a drubbing in the last local council elections and lost control for the first time in years.’
    • ‘Some take the verbal drubbings in stride.’
    beating, thrashing, walloping, thumping, battering, pounding, pummelling, slapping, smacking, punching, bludgeoning, thwacking, cuffing, buffeting, mauling, pelting, lambasting
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    1. 1.1 informal A resounding defeat in a match or contest.
      • ‘Scotland's 3-0 drubbing by France’
      • ‘She's been the hottest skip on the ice this week and impressed me from the get-go with her opening match drubbing of Team Canada.’
      • ‘Following closely on the Dutchmen's heels are the Czech Republic, who remain one point behind following a resounding 6-1 drubbing of Macedonia.’
      • ‘Duncan Fletcher, England's coach, has called for calm after England's embarrassing drubbings in the last two NatWest Series matches.’
      • ‘Tony Spencer has been on the field for every Broncos match since the club's 44-10 drubbing of Manly in their NRL debut in 1988.’
      • ‘En route to the final, Japan had scored 46 goals from 4 matches, including a 21-0 drubbing of Sri Lanka.’
      • ‘Malaysia Sports School started their campaign with a 6-0 drubbing of their juniors and then defeated former champions Malacca MC 4-1.’
      • ‘Bucks, who are already tipped as favourites to win the prestigious league title after a recent impressive run, face a side which embarrassed them with a 2-0 drubbing in the first round in Cape Town.’
      • ‘The Wildcats conceded 40 points just once this season - a 40-6 Belle Vue drubbing at the hand of the Bulls in round three.’
      • ‘York Wasps will be looking to bounce back from Friday's drubbing at Doncaster to end Keighley Cougars' seven-match winning run at Huntington Stadium today.’
      • ‘There was never a hint of the 7-0 drubbing that Clitheroe handed out to their opponents in April, as the visitors found themselves 3-0 in front with less than an hour played.’
      • ‘Goals from Halliday and Broadbent gave Bishopthorpe a 2-0 win over York Nomads in midweek, but that was followed by a 7-1 drubbing by Samson.’
      • ‘The Shrimps recorded a 2-1 win over Fleet - and that wiped away the nightmare of last season's 6-0 drubbing at Stonebridge Road.’
      • ‘He played more than 170 games for the Clarets, with his only senior goal coincidentally coming against City in a 7-2 drubbing in January 1998.’
      • ‘The 49-3 defeat at Murrayfield in 1990 was on a par with a 51-0 drubbing received at the hands of the English seven days earlier.’
      • ‘Edmondson missed last Saturday's 4-0 drubbing at Cardiff with a calf-strain and his steely determination was sorely missed by City.’
      • ‘Defeats have become almost commonplace, the latest of which was a 5-1 drubbing against Bristol City on Tuesday night.’
      • ‘McCall travelled with Airdrie this time last year and inflicted a 6-1 drubbing.’
      • ‘For those survivors of the 43-3 drubbing in London two years ago, there is a real chance of some sort of redemption.’
      • ‘Scotland give Spain a 3-1 drubbing, Maurice Johnstone netting a brace and Kenny Dalglish firing one of his best international goals.’
      • ‘According to figures released on Friday, US consumer sentiment tumbled in early July as the stock market drubbing soured Americans' expectations.’
      defeat, beating, trouncing, rout, loss, vanquishing, crushing
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/ˈdrəbiNG/ /ˈdrəbɪŋ/