Definition of drug abuse in English:

drug abuse


mass noun
  • The habitual taking of illegal drugs.

    • ‘Instead put it into wiping out hard drug abuse, education so people really understand the problem and the health system.’
    • ‘I think that most young kids are bought up well and steer clear of rampant drug abuse opting just for the occasional experience.’
    • ‘Not getting the highs he was craving, Mike went to the next stage of drug abuse - injecting heroin.’
    • ‘The nationwide crackdown on drug trafficking and drug abuse has produced some visible results.’
    • ‘Children who grow up in homes where there is alcohol or drug abuse may be more likely to develop addictions.’
    • ‘The teachers and student members will promote education about the dangerous effects of drug abuse.’
    • ‘Solvents were the second most popular form of drug abuse, particularly among younger pupils.’
    • ‘I would not say kids are not aware of the dangers of drug abuse, but they disregard what they know and do drugs anyway.’
    • ‘There was no evidence of cigarette smoking and no history of drug abuse or alcoholism.’
    • ‘And though it is not the best way to combat drug abuse, making it a crime to deal drugs certainly helps cut off the supply.’
    • ‘This in turn led to a dependence on them, which was then followed by drug abuse.’
    • ‘He says this form of addiction is in some ways more dangerous than more common cases of drug abuse.’
    • ‘The Schmidts are not perceptive, so they did not notice the warning signs of drug abuse.’
    • ‘Six youngsters from the club have drawn the mural, which highlights the dangers of drug abuse and the effects it has on young people.’
    • ‘The city is full of beer bars and this group of operators and their staff have had many problems with drug abuse and dealing.’
    • ‘A once-respectable enclave has been dragged down by endemic drug abuse.’
    • ‘These toxins may be due to pollutants in the environment or to such things as smoking or drug abuse.’
    • ‘There will be more drug abuse, and that industry will be a front for it.’
    • ‘He touches on racism, drug abuse and suicide without falling into melodrama.’
    • ‘This has prompted a need for creative solutions to the problem of drug abuse in this country.’