Definition of drug baron in English:

drug baron

(also drugs baron)


  • A person who controls an organization dealing in illegal drugs.

    ‘Washington's foremost drug baron was arrested’
    • ‘The drug baron was arrested in August last year in a phone box in the fishing village of Sant Pol de Mar, 230 days after he absconded from Liverpool Crown Court.’
    • ‘The novel, a gritty tale of the rise of a drug baron, generated controversy with its raw subject matter and sales skyrocketed.’
    • ‘Benito has connections with the local drug baron, who finances the construction of a hospital, while one of the other priests, who stays in the mountains, protects the guerrillas who work for the traffickers.’
    • ‘Findlay said the lack of indigenous organised crime in Aberdeen made it an appealing place for drugs barons to target.’
    • ‘Could it be the drugs barons and weapons manufacturers and organisers of protection rackets?’
    • ‘I would myself wonder what we would expect the big drugs barons to do if we legalise cannabis.’
    • ‘Indeed, though he was synonymous with the local drug trade - he was widely considered the premier drug baron - he had never been charged with anything connected with cocaine.’
    • ‘And he would talk about greed and the women who threw themselves at the drug baron and happily carried his drugs.’
    • ‘It was the drugs barons that were behind it: it was crossing their territory so they closed it down.’
    • ‘Its director Olga Heaven says drugs barons have probably simply moved their trade to elsewhere in the Caribbean and West Africa.’
    • ‘There was talk of drugs barons being involved but the motive of simple, sheer football fanaticism could not be ruled out.’
    • ‘The drug baron himself is shouting loudly to someone about how he did severe bodily harm to someone, meanwhile his second in command is talking to my fan club boasting about how many times he's been in prison and how hard he is.’
    • ‘Another whisper has an alleged drug baron's money tied to a recent racetrack incident that led to a jockey and a bookmaker being disqualified.’
    • ‘The mission sees the team transporting an international drug baron.’
    • ‘A drug baron vows revenge on Steed, Gambit, and Purdey after they foil the delivery of one of his shipments.’
    • ‘The war created a new class of super rich drug barons, a mafia that is enmeshed in the country's political system.’
    • ‘Where Mafia and drug barons rule, investigators of any kind become targets.’
    • ‘Indeed, is there any other way to depict a gang of drug barons armed with automatic weaponry other than as brigands at war with society?’
    • ‘The drug fiends, the drug barons, and the gangs that promote them deserve to have the full force of the law directed against them.’