Definition of drug bust in English:

drug bust

(also drugs bust)


  • A seizure of illegal drugs by the police or other law-enforcement agency.

    • ‘My father was killed in a drug bust on the police force in that city when I was only 3 years old!’
    • ‘Police could never determine if marijuana found during a drug bust would be used medicinally or not, she said.’
    • ‘But police say the number of drugs busts reflects the amount of illegal narcotics circulating in Hampshire.’
    • ‘During that same month, Webber helped to organize the biggest drug bust in Campbell County's history, during which 144 suspects were arrested.’
    • ‘But his heights were matched by unbearable lows: cocaine addiction, a damaging drug bust and the media connecting his name to a murder he had nothing to do with.’
    • ‘As this chapter begins, a massive drug bust has just netted the town's biggest dealers.’
    • ‘Chuck's protégé goes undercover on a drug bust.’
    • ‘The police found the body the next morning while conducting a drug bust, but they never, ever found the killer.’
    • ‘That could entail anything from being caught smoking marijuana at a national park to being picked up in a drug bust by the Drug Enforcement Administration.’
    • ‘The latest drug bust revealed 160 pounds of cocaine hidden in the bodies of frozen fish.’
    • ‘A drug bust would be fine, or maybe a dangerous fugitive arrest.’
    • ‘The frigate is due back in Portsmouth before Christmas, having already notched up three major drugs busts during her deployment.’
    • ‘Based on a true story about a major drug bust, and directed by William Friedkin with gritty authenticity, this Oscar-winning flick also features the best white-knuckle car chase in film history, hands down.’
    • ‘On 7 August 1994, armed police raided the gay nightclub Tasty in Flinders Lane, abusing and strip searching all 463 patrons present, in a drug bust.’
    • ‘By the way, the next day there was a big drug bust in Millwoods.’
    • ‘I should reiterate, though, that it seemed like a drug bust, but no one is sure.’
    • ‘A simple drug bust can turn into a fatal encounter if things aren't handled properly.’
    • ‘Now I have to give credit where it is due, so kudos to all those involved in the major drug bust on Monos Island.’
    • ‘On the other hand, she did get caught in a drug bust and then waded into a prison fight.’