Definition of drug dealer in English:

drug dealer


  • A person who sells illegal drugs.

    ‘investigators are trying to find the drug dealer who supplied him with the heroin’
    • ‘It wasn't the club owners who got rich, it was the drug dealers.’
    • ‘Federal prosecutors arrested the pair after an undercover operation in which an agent posed as a drug dealer.’
    • ‘He wasn't just a petty thief and drug dealer, he was also a complete jerk to his roommate.’
    • ‘Surrounded by thieves and drug dealers, and beset by a lack of money, running water, and air conditioning, the family tries to stay positive.’
    • ‘Singh said the area where the attack took place was very isolated and the men may have been local drug dealers.’
    • ‘He is also charged with money-laundering and extorting bookmakers, drug dealers and loan sharks.’
    • ‘They're fighting street gangs and drug dealers in one of the most crime-ridden cities in New England.’
    • ‘Police identified another one of those arrested as a low-level drug dealer.’
    • ‘He says the neighborhood is overrun by drug dealers and prostitutes.’
    • ‘The police operation was aimed not at addicts, but at the drug dealers and gang members who supply them.’