Definition of drug squad in English:

drug squad

(also drugs squad)


  • A division of a police force investigating crimes involving illegal drugs.

    • ‘As he progressed up the career ladder, he gained experience as a detective sergeant on the North Manchester Division and in the drug squad, followed by time working as a detective inspector in the Trafford and Bolton divisions.’
    • ‘Police and plain clothes detectives were joined by members of the drug squad, dog handlers, motorway officers and the fraud squad in the sweep across the city.’
    • ‘After a long stint working undercover in the drug squad, Morley is taking a break from the front line and acting as the drugs awareness officer for Strathclyde Police in Ayrshire.’
    • ‘In its first two weeks of operation North Yorkshire Police's newly-formed drug squad has swooped on a number of suspected dealers and seized drugs worth thousands.’
    • ‘He claims the hasty formation of a Surveillance Branch last year, consisting of 16 officers from the drug squad, has been disastrous for police operations.’
    • ‘Detective Sergeant John Sowter of the Auckland Police drug squad said the hospital employee allegedly bought the pills from a pharmacy company.’
    • ‘Helped by his international drug contacts, they settled in Calella, near Barcelona, but Greater Manchester Police drug squad tracked them down through their use of telephones.’
    • ‘A decade ago detectives from the Victoria Police drug squad came up with a new weapon in their war on the dealers.’
    • ‘My theory coalesces around a $14-million lawsuit filed two weeks ago by officers attached to a former drug squad currently under investigation.’
    • ‘He told a meeting of the Ryedale Community Safety Panel that the district now had a drug squad which targeted class A drugs dealers as a priority.’
    • ‘Then somebody said, ‘Are you from the drug squad?’’
    • ‘Nick had mentioned to the news media that the local drug squad has asked for access to the building and that the Astoria's security staff has been told to co-operate fully with all police requests.’
    • ‘According to the whistle - blower, the force hastily formed a surveillance branch last year, consisting of 16 officers from the drug squad.’
    • ‘‘I worked on the drug squad, infiltrating clubs and other venues where the dealers operated,’ she said last week.’
    • ‘The key to this success is not just the tireless work done by the drug squad and intelligence-gathering officers, helped by information provided by beat officers.’
    • ‘A support group is confident that Wiltshire police can continue their effective fight against substance abuse even though the drug squad has been scrapped.’
    • ‘I spoke with the second in charge at the drug squad; it wasn't anyone from there.’
    • ‘He believed his dismissal had something to do with the drug squad.’
    • ‘Two have been jailed and one of the accused is a former head of the drug squad.’
    • ‘Normally, the only time the hippies heard a knock on their door, it was the drug squad.’