Definition of drug test in English:

drug test


  • A test performed on blood or urine to determine the presence or absence of proscribed drugs and used especially to detect athletes using performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids.

    • ‘Stay tuned for an amazing insight into one athlete's thoughts and experiences after returning a positive drug test.’
    • ‘Shortly after the sprinters arrived in the village on Thursday they were informed that they were required to take a random drug test.’
    • ‘Yesalis says most professional athletes who use steroids know how to pass a drug test.’
    • ‘In future, any player who misses a drug test should be banned for the two-year maximum period.’
    • ‘There is, of course, one notorious precedent of a British competitor who failed a drug test for a stimulant at an Olympic Games and emerged unscathed.’
    • ‘The two sprinters, who missed a mandatory drug test last Thursday, are also to be the subject of a Greek government inquiry into their behaviour.’
    • ‘In 2002 he failed a drug test and was banned for nine months.’
    • ‘Oliver Owen was correct to point out that no East German swimmer ever failed a drug test.’
    • ‘As an index of undesirable traits, testing positive on a drug test could be likened to having a tattoo.’
    • ‘The first thing we had to do, even before breakfast, was take a drug test.’
    • ‘In England a player forgets to take a drug test and gets an eight-month ban.’
    • ‘The sport got hit right in the face last week with something it had hoped to avoid: A star failed a drug test.’
    • ‘Barber, who has never had a positive drug test, was asked about all of this on Saturday.’
    • ‘The first issue is whether an employer can even require an employee to submit to a drug test.’
    • ‘He blamed the result of the drug test on an anaesthetic injection he had during dental treatment.’
    • ‘During Stage 1, his drug test showed evidence of a banned steroid, triamcinolone.’
    • ‘The trio, who have been training with the national squad, produced invalid results in a drug test last week and refused to take two further tests required as a result.’
    • ‘Do you fail a drug test if you're taking painkillers to help you train?’
    • ‘Now he says he is ‘devastated’ that he has been caught in a drug test.’
    • ‘When I was told about the drug test, I tried to keep it out of my mind.’