Definition of drugged in English:


Pronunciation /drəɡd/

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  • 1(of a person) unconscious or in a stupor as a result of taking or being given a drug.

    ‘in his drugged state’
    • ‘A police officer is heard on the videotape saying she appeared to have been drugged.’
    • ‘Three years ago Kalpana, then 14, was drugged by two acquaintances.’
    • ‘He refused to eat or drink for fear of being drugged into a confession, a justified fear.’
    • ‘Perhaps she had been drugged to keep her quiet.’
    • ‘Later Bo, in a drugged stupor, walks naked at night along the highway.’
    • ‘Several of the women who had been drugged were unable to say whether they had been sexually assaulted or not, Cutts said.’
    • ‘She looked drugged or ecstatic, smiling with spooky eyes.’
    • ‘It said Mrs Haider feared her husband may have been drugged.’
    • ‘It turned out he also was heavily drugged, West said.’
    • ‘Ernie watched the tape in a drugged stupor.’
    • ‘Further analysis will be done to determine if the deceased had been drugged.’
    • ‘Now, she was sullen, and had a drugged look about her.’
    • ‘Though the embassy did not say how many people had been drugged, the incidents reportedly occurred at 11 establishments.’
    • ‘The quazepam I prescribed is in a very small dose and shouldn't make you feel drugged.’
    • ‘The wedding went forward and in my drugged state I sort of told mom about my tongue ring.’
    • ‘So I did what any drugged patient would do and started laughing uncontrollably.’
    • ‘There he remained incarcerated and drugged for 18 miserable months, even though he should not have been there.’
    • ‘In fact he was probably so heavily drugged that it would have been very easy for anyone to get him to do anything.’
    • ‘She had been drugged with morphine and high doses of steroids.’
    • ‘Over three years, Krista was drugged in Bangladesh, imprisoned in Iran and attacked by wolf-like dogs in Turkey.’
    1. 1.1(of food or drink) adulterated with a drug.
      ‘he offered them drugged wine’
      • ‘He would offer them a celebratory glass of champagne or other alcohol which, the prosecution said, had been drugged.’
      • ‘So she made a drugged milkshake to knock him out.’
      • ‘This law was changed because women were having their drinks drugged while they danced.’
      • ‘During their match he gives her a glass of drugged orange juice, but this plays absolutely no part in the story.’
      • ‘After the tutorial/training, your handlers supply you with a drugged hamburger.’
      • ‘The red wine that the Countess gives Linda is drugged, and, as she passes out, the Countess tells her about her inheritance.’
      • ‘When Brulov wants to cool off the hysterical J.B., he offers the man a glass of drugged milk.’