Definition of Druidic in English:



See Druid

  • ‘Hence the Celtic designs on Irish crosses that closely resembled Druidic glyphs or Haitian Voodoo rituals that fuse the worship of Catholic saints with that of African Loas.’
  • ‘Captain Britain wasn't an ersatz copy of an American hero any more; the authors interpolated him into a more densely-realised realm of Druidic myths.’
  • ‘Mistletoe, however, was not tolerated by the church, for it was long associated with Druidic pagan rites, including links to human sacrifice.’
  • ‘The oaks were supposedly the remnants of a primeval forest, site of Druidic rites, home to Gallic tribes, and emblems of justice-dispensing monarchs like Saint Louis.’
  • ‘Unfortunately it tells it with little respect for historical fact, and incorporates enough Druidic magic into the plot to qualify as a sword and sorcery fantasy.’