Definition of Druidical in English:



See Druid

  • ‘On one of the hills on the estate is a monolith known as St Augustine's stone, which is said to have been in some way connected with Druidical worship, while Drewton itself is a corruption of the name ‘Drewid's Town’.’
  • ‘My paternal Grandfather was a follower of Druidism, in fact, highly placed in Druidical circles in the last century.’
  • ‘I felt as if I had stumbled back several millennia into some distant Druidical ritual.’
  • ‘In the process, the excavators revealed a circle of stones amongst a mass of ashes, described by Lawrence as the remains of an ‘Altar of Sacrifice or Worship, and used at some time for Druidical rites’.’
  • ‘In the poems of Ossian we have, if not the actual productions of Druidical times, what may be considered faithful representations of the songs of the Bards.’