Definition of drum and bass in English:

drum and bass


mass noun
  • A type of dance music characterized by bare instrumentation consisting largely of electronic drums and bass, originating in Britain during the early 1990s.

    • ‘You hear Eminem, drum and bass or dance music at all hours.’
    • ‘Ska, dub, house, drum and bass, hip hop and UK garage have all been thrown in to The Streets' sampler for processing and rearrangement.’
    • ‘Much of Truffaz's music utilizes elements of electronic music, primarily drum and bass - it's a fusion, if you will.’
    • ‘Subtle use of a heavily delayed electric guitar and slick drum and bass make this track a standout.’
    • ‘The group's sound is blank canvas of electronic soundscapes that fuse techno, hip hop, drum and bass and house.’
    • ‘Electronic music styles have sprouted like shoots off the main stems of house, trance, hard core, techno and drum and bass.’
    • ‘Why make this music as opposed to techno, drum and bass or house?’
    • ‘I like electronica, techno, easy listening, and drum and bass.’
    • ‘Though the glitchy, minimal dub style coming out of Germany is largely ignored on Select Cuts, the record showcases a mixture of sounds influenced equally by drum and bass, hip hop, and techno.’
    • ‘Garage and drum and bass can leave me a bit cold, but I'm sure there's something out there that I'd love’.’
    • ‘He has had the opportunity to play with musicians of diverse musical orientations - jazz, funk, hip-hop, drum and bass and gospel.’
    • ‘This album was responsible for saving the form of drum and bass from slipping into obscurity.’
    • ‘With their distinct north African accent, both bands are making a name for themselves with their unmistakable blend of drum and bass, jazz, funk and electronica.’
    • ‘The Dwellers' music could be described as a mixture of funked-out, jazzy-fantastic, savvy soul grooves with a hint of drum and bass and a gritty hip hop edge.’
    • ‘Particularly now, when drum and bass and electronica are becoming even more popular, Brown sounds like British electronic music while still remaining original.’
    • ‘Before techno, before trance, before drum and bass, there was house.’
    • ‘This is a superb representation of where drum and bass is today.’
    • ‘We feel that grime has the potential to become an internationally recognised genre as drum and bass has.’
    • ‘A cheap sound system pumped out drum and bass as a sparse yet expectant crowd gathered.’
    • ‘The CD kicks off with a bunch of drum and bass, which is fair enough by me, but then switches to a slower tempo by changing from 45 to 33 on the turntable.’


drum and bass