Definition of drum brake in English:

drum brake


  • A type of vehicle brake in which brake shoes press against the inside of a drum on the wheel.

    • ‘In addition, the plant produces corner modules, disc brake calipers, drum brakes and wheel cylinders.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that disc brakes grab faster and hold longer than drum brakes.’
    • ‘‘Their purchasing department told us that drum brakes cost less than discs,’ he said, ‘and that's true on a strict part-for-part basis.’’
    • ‘Low-tech rear drum brakes have been standard for even high-level compact cars like the Civic and Corolla, but the Spectra fits solid discs in the rear combined with vented discs in the front.’
    • ‘Single-piston vented front discs and rear drum brakes are standard equipment.’


drum brake