Definition of drum machine in English:

drum machine


  • A programmable electronic device able to imitate the sounds of a drum kit.

    • ‘I got a job at the Empire State Building, and with the money I was able to buy a drum machine and a sequencer.’
    • ‘Give him a synth and a drum machine and he's content.’
    • ‘Considering The Kills are just a duo who rely on guitars and a drum machine, it's easy to assume they have a limited life span.’
    • ‘A drum machine generates all beats whilst the threesome swaps keyboard and guitars between them.’
    • ‘Other tracks sound like someone messing around with a drum machine, or a synthesizer, or an entire home studio's worth of gear - sketches rather than finished work.’
    • ‘This task is usually left up to an electronic drum machine.’
    • ‘He repeats a simple three-chord phrase, beneath which he almost imperceptibly alters his drum machine's timbres.’
    • ‘The mood is a somber one, but the funk still is present in the simplistic drum machine as it shuffles its way towards the end of the seven minute track.’
    • ‘The final track is of particular interest to fans, as it marks the first time that the band has employed a drum machine in their music.’
    • ‘Most likely, there's a drum machine accompanying the proceedings with perfect rhythm.’
    • ‘There is also the use of a drum machine on ‘Opera Singer’ which detracts even further from the tune.’
    • ‘He adds great accents and steady rhythm, demonstrating that a human can match a drum machine.’
    • ‘Ironically, the use of the drum machine led to a slight change in timing which made the song all the more amazing.’
    • ‘It's understandable that having a drum machine in place of other humans has its advantages.’
    • ‘They were two men with keyboards, a drum machine, and a guitar.’
    • ‘Barely audible vocal tracks are buried beneath drum machine beats and bubbly synthesizers.’
    • ‘Her instruments include piano, electronic keyboard, and a digital drum machine.’
    • ‘They would joke around about getting a drum machine or having me play electronic drums.’
    • ‘And ‘Waiting For The Sun To Shine’ is far and away the best song, with a straightforward drum machine pulse and fizzing keyboards.’
    • ‘Every penny you raise will be put to good use from £89 for a viola to £140 for a drum machine.’


drum machine