Definition of drum pad in English:

drum pad


  • An electronic device with one or more flat pads which imitate the sounds of a drum kit when struck.

    • ‘Bikram, for instance, uses a ‘Handsonic’, which is an electric drum pad, along with his tablas.’
    • ‘He was playing on the synthesizer, or turning and twisting knobs with one hand while still maintaining a solid beat on the drum pad.’
    • ‘Trainee side drummer Aisling Collins won a silver certificate for a two-part march on the drum pad.’
    • ‘He opened a bag of Doritos and began to eat them while Aaron drummed on a drum pad with a pair of black sticks.’
    • ‘Kraftwerk used and combined synthesizers, vocoders, custom-built sequencers, rudimentary rhythm boxes, and home made drum pads in a fashion unlike anything previously heard.’
    • ‘Berge hammers enthusiastically at programmed drum pads.’
    • ‘Anyway, my daughter is now going to drum club at school and I suppose I will have to drag the drum pads down from the attic and put batteries in them.’


drum pad