Definition of drum something into in English:

drum something into

phrasal verb

  • Make (someone) learn something by constant repetition.

    ‘it had been drummed into them to dress correctly’
    • ‘The manners we learn as kids are drummed into our heads by rote, much like multiplication tables.’
    • ‘Some people say I'm like a parrot, because I keep trying to drum good habits into players, day after day.’
    • ‘Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand never had any careers advice - his teachers had to drag him from the football pitch to drum some education into him.’
    • ‘Daniel watched all that and he learned from it and I drummed it into him not to make the mistakes I made.’
    • ‘This is far more powerful and persuasive as propaganda than anything that could be achieved by crude state power directly drumming its message into the heads of the population.’
    • ‘I've never agreed that you just play out the end of the season and I've been drumming the message into the players all week.’
    • ‘For drumming this lethal message into our heads media commissars are rewarded with lavish salaries, status and privilege.’
    • ‘Later, talking of the need to drum instructions into players, he recalls, as he does elsewhere, a recorded message in a New York lift repeating the words ‘mind the stairs‘.’
    • ‘Somebody's got to drum some sense into that thick skull of yours.’
    • ‘Those words have been drummed into schoolchildren for decades.’
    instil, drive, drive home, din, hammer, drill, drub, implant, ingrain, inculcate