Definition of drumhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdrəmˌhed/ /ˈdrəmˌhɛd/

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  • 1The membrane or skin of a drum.

    ‘In the normally tradition-bound world of musical instruments, synthetic drumheads took over in an amazingly short time.’
    • ‘He moved my hands and made the sticks pound against the drumheads and beat out a rhythm.’
    • ‘This type of vinyl floor, being perimeter bonded, will now contract slightly, tightening like a drumhead over the next 24 to 48 hours.’
    • ‘The goatskin drumhead is hit by a wooden stick with a curved end.’
    • ‘A bass drumhead carries bold circled lettering that reads: ‘Smith Jubilee Choir, Band and Orchestra, Season 1899-1900.’’
    • ‘The old building previously housed the Frederick Bauer drumhead collection, which has since been set up in the corridor.’
    • ‘Some are large calabashes (a type of gourd) with leather drumheads and are played with the hands.’
  • 2A winter cabbage of a flat-topped variety.

    • ‘The lowest figure was obtained for a piece of drumhead cabbage.’
  • 3historical The circular top of a ship's capstan, with holes into which bars are placed to turn it.


  • Carried out by or as if by an army in the field; improvised or summary.

    ‘a drumhead court-martial’
    • ‘He was indicted and faced a drumhead trial.’
    • ‘They also failed to give live coverage to yesterday's drumhead service attended by 6,000 Royal Navy veterans and hosted by Brian Hanrahan and Kate Adie.’
    • ‘He has at least publicly favoured proper trials over drumhead tribunals.’
    • ‘Another of the officers at the drumhead court, the first lieutenant is also the second in command of the ship.’
    • ‘And that is not something that can be accomplished by some drumhead tribunal in some naval base.’
    • ‘He was returning home to Danbury late one night when he was confronted by an armed band, placed under arrest, and subjected to a drumhead trial.’
    • ‘The hearing had all the trappings of a drumhead proceeding, held only for the purpose of publicly scapegoating workers and supervisors.’
    • ‘I should have liked to have seen the drumhead ceremony in Portsmouth today.’
    • ‘Such a drumhead proceeding could result in a death sentence, with no right of appeal.’
    • ‘In any event, the image of military tribunals as drumhead courts manned by stony-faced officers ready to convict regardless of the evidence is a fantasy.’