Definition of drumstick in English:



  • 1A stick, typically with a shaped or padded head, used for beating a drum.

    • ‘Michael started to drum his drumsticks against the table, bored.’
    • ‘Oskar, disgusted that the singing children are so undisciplined, pulls out his drumsticks and begins to drum.’
    • ‘His fingers are swollen; he cannot hold his drumsticks to drum, or his fountain pen to write.’
    • ‘Opening it, I gazed upon a set of small clockwork toy soldiers, each with a tiny drum and even tinier drumsticks.’
    • ‘Bob yelled, sticking a drumstick in Arson's face.’
    • ‘He also had a drumstick stuck into the laces of his shoe so he could hit the cymbal on the floor.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a drum roll was heard along with the striking of drumsticks on cymbals.’
    • ‘But when the time came for me to croon the first words, ‘Ziggy played guitar’, Neil dropped a drumstick.’
    • ‘Blackwell was particularly astonishing - a flurry of twirling drumsticks and thundering rolls that drew impressed cheers whenever he was featured.’
    • ‘By the time Bruce Mitchell appears, rattling fluorescent-tipped drumsticks elegantly across every piece in his kit, the place is packed.’
    • ‘She felt only the rhythm of her drumsticks in sync with the beating of the base drum.’
    • ‘Fly Or Die, their second album, sees the dynamic duo dump the high-tech hip-hop of The Neptunes and pick up drumsticks and guitars to indulge in some strutting funk-rock.’
    • ‘Shane nodded and slid open the door to grab the black bag containing his drumsticks and cymbals.’
    • ‘Then, somebody at the edge of the stage hands her a pair of drumsticks, and she beats out a frenzied four-second drum solo on a wacky octagon-shaped drum kit that wasn't there a second ago.’
    • ‘A drum set lay abandoned in the room, drumsticks haphazardly thrown on a swiveling stool as though whoever had left them there planned to come back soon.’
    • ‘I grabbed my drumsticks and we started a drumstick fight.’
    • ‘Pat threw his drumsticks into the crowd, while Jay threw his guitar pick.’
    • ‘I noticed a girl with a bass guitar in her hand and a boy holding drumsticks standing behind the two giggly girls.’
    • ‘Keith Moon would throw his drumsticks into the audience and Pete Townshend would smash his guitar to pieces.’
    • ‘‘Um,’ Ellie said, and took her drumsticks away.’
  • 2The lower joint of the leg of a cooked chicken, turkey, or other fowl.

    ‘a chicken drumstick’
    • ‘Meat and fish stock soups, grilled jumbo prawns, barbecued chicken, lamb drumsticks and pork spare-ribs are winter specials served on rooftops.’
    • ‘There were chicken drumsticks, prawns, spare ribs and even lobster!’
    • ‘Lunch doesn't always have to be about sandwiches - soup with crackers, a chicken drumstick with a small baguette or a pancake rolled around a piece of farmer sausage are great alternatives.’
    • ‘It might also have said, ‘I wonder when the chicken drumsticks will come.’’
    • ‘Nina and Jason Payne, of Old Mead, Eastwood, chose to round off their special occasion with a fast-food dinner including chicken wings, drumsticks and chips.’
    • ‘The deli counter offers even more ideas, such as pieces of rotisserie chicken or chicken drumsticks or skewers.’
    • ‘We ate chicken drumsticks smothered in barbeque sauce.’
    • ‘Martha glanced over the chicken drumstick dripping with egg yolk and breadcrumbs very briefly, focusing on the younger girl's face filled with admirable aim to please.’
    • ‘He answered the door and held a chicken drumstick in his hand.’
    • ‘Shot by ace photographer Dabboo Ramani, the ad shows Devang holding a chicken drumstick at arm's length.’
    • ‘Fred lowered his drumsticks and got off his seat.’
    • ‘‘Thanks,’ he said as he wrestled a drumstick free from the turkey's glistening body.’
    • ‘This week's edition focuses on steaks and drumsticks.’
    • ‘I learnt to stop cowering before the selections on supermarket aisles, to choose decisively between wheat bread and white, Bosc pears and Bartletts, drumsticks and thighs.’
    • ‘Then loosen and pull out the thigh bone leaving the drumstick.’
    • ‘If it's chicken on the menu, you can bet it's drumsticks.’
    • ‘When the turkey is done, the drumsticks should move very easily in their sockets and their thickest parts should feel soft when pressed.’
    • ‘To make sure the bird is cooked thoroughly, pierce the thickest part of the drumstick and check that the juices are clear in colour.’
    • ‘By the end of his culinary voyage Steingarten felt he was able to make the finest distinctions between the virtues of any and every fried drumstick.’
    • ‘Today, a Tyson chicken goes from egg to drumstick in as little as 8 weeks.’