Definition of druse in English:



  • 1Geology
    A rock cavity lined with a crust of projecting crystals.

    1. 1.1The crust of crystals lining a druse.
      • ‘The contact between these zones is marked by large voids, the bottom surfaces of which are encrusted with druses of tabular microcline crystals.’
      • ‘It generally occurs as crystalline druses on chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite, and other minerals and is sometimes associated with polybasite and dyscrasite.’
      • ‘Like the malachite, it occurs as druses that are perpendicularly attached to columns of gypsum.’
      • ‘Most such specimens are partially coated with a druse of calcite, epidote, and small, clear needle quartz crystals.’
      • ‘The crystals form druses that line the pockets and partially coat the copper crystal groups.’
  • 2Botany
    A rounded cluster of calcium oxalate crystals found in some plant cells.

    • ‘Occasionally, calcium oxalate raphide or druse crystals were observed in this tissue.’
    • ‘Considerable quantities of calcium oxalate druses were found in the leaves.’
    • ‘Some diagnostic features can be easily mistaken for others: short hairs for prickles, small glands and druses for papillae, etc.’


Early 19th century via French from German Druse ‘weathered ore’.