Definition of dry-fry in English:



[with object]
  • Fry (food) in a pan without fat or oil.

    ‘dry-fry the sesame seeds’
    as adjective dry-fried ‘dry-fried egg’
    • ‘These should be replaced by foods that are cooked without fat, so look at substituting grilled fish and meats, rotisserie chicken and dry-fry meats.’
    • ‘Shortly before serving, heat a small frying pan then dry-fry the lamb for five minutes, stirring.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, dry-fry the pine nuts until toasted and golden.’
    • ‘Wipe a little olive oil around a wide, heavy-based flat pan and almost dry-fry the strips of courgette, followed by the aubergine, until softened and slightly browned - you will have to keep wiping with oil in between batches.’
    • ‘They taste much better this way, especially if you dry-fry them slightly to release their fragrant oils before adding to the meat, but be careful not to burn them.’
    • ‘Either serve the patties as they are, dry-fried in a non-stick pan till golden (in which case serve them with quarters of lemon) or stuff them with blue cheese and bake them instead.’
    • ‘Crab, tiger prawn and sand lobster are deep-fried and dry-fried, a gastronomic delight.’
    • ‘Dry-fry until the juices run, shaking the pan often.’
    • ‘Heat a frying pan over a medium heat, add the cumin seeds and dry-fry for ten to 15 seconds, keeping them moving so that they don't burn.’