Definition of dry-heave in English:



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  • Experience the reflex of vomiting; retch.

    ‘I puked and puked until I was dry-heaving’
    • ‘He wiped her mouth, brought her water, and held back her hair as she dry-heaved.’
    • ‘I heard "Love Will Tear Us Apart" booming from a patio this week and dry-heaved all the way home.’
    • ‘My head spun and I dry-heaved once as I steadied myself.’
    • ‘The food critic dry-heaved upon hearing that that the fast-food chain plans to open 300 new outlets.’
    • ‘But I don't want to be responsible for people dry-heaving and spewing all over their keyboards.’
    • ‘I left there in tears, sobbing and dry-heaving for two hours.’
    • ‘My entire torso is achingly sore from the 10 hour, full-body convulsing of dry-heaving.’
    • ‘He began to dry-heave pathetically.’
    • ‘Half-way through tuna and mash, I had to run to the bathroom and dry-heave into the toilet.’
    • ‘He's an acquired taste, and if you haven't got a predilection for this Down Under delicacy by now, the movie will probably have you dry-heaving into your popcorn.’
    • ‘I was leaning against the counter, counting slowly as I tried control the dry-heaving.’
    • ‘Right here in front of her I begin dry-heaving, and sobs wrack me.’
    • ‘Hangovers and cleaning products don't mix well so I dry-heaved for a while.’
    • ‘When I saw the commercial I almost dry-heaved.’
    • ‘The doctor hurriedly picked her up and rushed her to a sink as she dry-heaved.’
    • ‘Before I dry-heaved yet again, my eyes focused on something else.’
    gag, heave, dry-heave, reach, convulse, almost vomit, have nausea, feel nauseous


  • An instance or feeling of retching.

    ‘I feel the dry-heaves starting, the knee-jerk reaction to my anxiety attacks’
    • ‘She turned and vomited violently, an empty dry-heave which threatened to pull her stomach out.’
    • ‘He did a full body dry-heave across the stage.’
    • ‘Yasmin and Sasha are BFFs (yes they actually utter the term "BFF" in this movie and I instinctively reacted with a dry-heave).’
    • ‘It turned out to be more of a dry-heave, but the effect was the same.’
    • ‘His vision had begun blurring near the end of his third dry-heave, and now it was coming back.’
    • ‘A teakettle whistles from the kitchen just as I feel the dry-heaves starting, the knee-jerk reaction to my anxiety attacks.’
    • ‘You'll get dry-heaves just remembering the band at their worst.’
    • ‘I got my head in the toilet, got a case of dry-heaves.’
    • ‘A few of the more serious wailers have collapsed on the carpet with dry-heaves.’
    • ‘The sounds came for a long time, finally ending in violent dry-heaves that sounded worse than the actual sounds of throwing up.’
    • ‘The view from the summit, however, is worth all of the leg cramps and dry-heaves.’
    • ‘I went and had dry-heaves in the bathroom.’
    • ‘I puked again and then had the dry-heaves for several hours afterwards.’
    • ‘My fit of dry heaves subsided after fifteen minutes or so.’
    • ‘Afterwards, she experienced a severe headache, dry-heaves, a loss of vision and other health problems that continue today.’