Definition of dry-roasted in English:


(also dry-roast)


  • Roasted without fat or oil.

    ‘dry-roasted peanuts’
    • ‘Sprinkle with dry-roasted peanuts to add protein and fiber.’
    • ‘For those who have never eaten hemp seeds, the shells catch on the back of your tongue, a bit like the wings on dry-roasted crickets.’
    • ‘I'll treat you to a free packet of dry-roasted nuts when you buy a pint.’
    • ‘Seasoned, dry-roasted pumpkin seeds are low-carb.’
    • ‘Nestled inside is a dry-roasted nugget of crunchy Piedmontese hazelnut, whose flavor provokes you into realizing that this combination of sweet and savory is surely the work of brilliance.’
    • ‘You'll get 150 to 185 calories in a one-ounce serving of dry-roasted nuts.’
    • ‘Investigators studied the effect of dry-roasted soy nuts on blood pressure in post-menopausal women.’
    • ‘At this point the meeting dissolved into an ugly fracas, the Committee fleeing before a barrage of stale sandwiches and dry-roasted cashew nuts.’
    • ‘To enjoy this benefit, along with all the others, be sure to eat raw or dry-roasted, unsalted nuts.’
    cook, oven-bake, dry-roast, roast, spit-roast, pot-roast