Definition of dry bible in English:

dry bible


mass nounAustralian
  • A condition of cattle in drought-affected areas, in which the dried-out folds of the stomach resemble the pages of a book.

    ‘half the herd would die of dry bible’
    • ‘What are the first signs of dry bible in cows?’
    • ‘We've already had dry bible in our district.’
    • ‘In 1907 there were were 47,480 deaths from dry bible.’
    • ‘In Queensland it is tick fever in another dry bible and in another there is coast disease and so on.’
    • ‘If sheep are affected with dry bible what could be done to prevent it?’
    • ‘Dry bible is causing considerable mortality among sheep in South Australia.’
    • ‘The disease produced is sometimes known as "Dry Bible".’
    • ‘The disease was known to the laity as "dry bible" and ascribed to the dry nature of the feed.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most common opinion held is that poison peach causes dry bible, which is impaction of the third stomach of ruminants.’
    • ‘A high proportion of this class of beast has an acid reaction with the urine, which is also the case in dry bible, and in some forms of coast disease.’