Definition of dry blower in English:

dry blower


Australian, New Zealand
  • A prospector who uses a current of air to separate particles of gold or another mineral from the surrounding material.

    ‘the working tools of a dry blower are as simple or as complicated as the individual likes’
    • ‘The neighbourhood of Mount Charlotte was a hive of dry-blowers, most of whom were finding gold.’
    • ‘Then the dry-blower washes out his accumulation and considers from the results obtained whether or not he should pass on to another patch.’
    • ‘You secretly assumed he was a dry blower.’
    • ‘Where gold is found the dry blower can find employment for his talents.’
    • ‘The constant breeze is a good friend to the dry-blower.’


Late 19th century from dry + blower.


dry blower

/ˈdrʌɪ bləʊə/