Definition of dry horrors in English:

dry horrors

plural noun

informalAustralian, New Zealand the dry horrors
  • The psychotic symptoms of withdrawal suffered by an alcoholic.

    ‘he wakes up alone in a police cell with a bad case of the dry horrors’
    • ‘Let's face it, being in a room full of socialists would tend to give you the dry horrors.’
    • ‘Having got drunk again so soon without recovering from Saturday, I will shortly have what I call the dry horrors.’
    • ‘Water is better for the dry horrors.’
    • ‘I really wanted a drink because I had the dry horrors by then.’
    • ‘Anyone got any water? I got the dry horrors.’
    • ‘She did have to excuse herself from callisthenics on the monkey deck, saying she had a touch of the dry horrors.’
    • ‘I was suffering from a slight case of the dry horrors.’
    • ‘It could have been my subconscious trying to rebel against my sleepy image, but was more likely to have been the dry-horrors.’
    • ‘A guest had woken up with the dry horrors and gone on the prowl for a fizzy drink.’
    • ‘Oh God, dry horrors beyond belief, tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and twice its normal size.’