Definition of dry land in English:

dry land

Pronunciation /ˈdrī ˈland/ /ˈdraɪ ˈlænd/


  • Land as opposed to the sea or another body of water.

    ‘the tide came in and cut off his route to dry land’
    • ‘Just as little Hannah landed safely on dry land, the sharks entered the water.’
    • ‘They are also capable of emerging from water and crossing dry land.’
    • ‘On Earth, valleys occur both on dry land and beneath the sea; there are also valleys on the Moon, Mars, and Venus.’
    • ‘These monstrous sea scorpions occasionally emerged out of the water to venture onto dry land.’
    • ‘Once you hit dry land, the island is joyously easy to explore.’
    • ‘When she decided to swap the high seas for dry land, Sweeney wrote to Brookside producer Mal Young asking if he had work.’
    • ‘A year ago today, at the height of the great floods, he wished for a while he were safely back on dry land in his South Bank terrace.’
    • ‘Most of these groups live either in the sea or on dry land, but not in both.’
    • ‘The mounts are as sacred in spirit as any pilgrim's peak on dry land and seem as close to a lost world as anyone might hope to find.’
    • ‘Five years ago his brother Hugo was drowned in the harbour when he fell between two moored vessels as he made his way onto dry land.’
    • ‘On dry land, we go for long walks through the forest and up the rocky hills, dreaming of the trolls and woodland nymphs we might encounter.’
    • ‘The find is enormously significant because it is the earliest evidence of a creature living on dry land rather than in the oceans.’
    • ‘Fearless John Southern is back on dry land after three months at sea in the world's toughest yacht race.’
    • ‘Back on dry land he walked confidently round the pool, a different person.’
    • ‘Any rower whose boat overturns in the ship channel faces a tough job getting to dry land safely.’
    • ‘He pushed off from the ground and let the water pull him back towards dry land.’
    • ‘Imagine for a moment a remote Hebridean Island so studded with game fishing waters it's hard to find dry land.’
    • ‘Soon dry land was in sight, and we emerged from the water, quite refreshed, at Big Bertha.’
    • ‘Westport man Brendan Minish is the team's radio and website wizard and he is here on dry land running the base station.’
    • ‘This particular area is ideal for developing a golf course as it features fully matured trees and is good quality dry land.’
    terra firma, dry land, solid ground