Definition of dry milk in English:

dry milk


  • Milk that has been preserved by evaporation and reduction to powder.

    ‘The optional dairy ingredients that can be included are milk, condensed milk, skim milk, nonfat dry milk, whey, skim-milk cheese, albumin from whey and EMC.’
    • ‘It claims these imports have dramatically displaced the sale of milk and nonfat dry milk powder.’
    • ‘In a bowl, combine the sugar, egg yolks, ice cream stabilizer, and dry milk powder.’
    • ‘The key words indicating lactose presence include whey, curds, milk by-products, dry milk solids, and non-fat dry milk powder.’
    • ‘The new Frito-Lay product uses Monterey jack cheese, non-fat dry milk and other cheese ingredients.’
    • ‘Add powdered creamer or dry milk powder to hot cocoa, milkshakes, hot cereal, gravy, sauces, meat loaf, cream soups or puddings.’
    • ‘The plant turns out nonfat dry milk powder.’
    • ‘In 2003, the Winnsboro, Texas, plant churned cream into more than 100 million pounds of dairy products, including premium and bulk butter, butter oil, non-fat dry milk powder and other dairy ingredients.’
    • ‘It was stocked full of every kind of can imaginable: juice, dry milk, vegetables, sauces, everything.’
    • ‘In its most recent expansion, Carlisle invested in technology that gives the facility considerable flexibility in terms of the types of products it is able to dry - as opposed to just nonfat dry milk, whole milk and buttermilk.’
    • ‘He replaced a portion of the nonfat dry milk in the probiotic yogurt with acid whey protein.’
    • ‘Other dairy ingredients such as whey or nonfat dry milk also provide an alternative source of dairy solids.’
    • ‘The ‘yogurt coating‘is mostly sugar and partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, with some non-fat dry milk and yogurt culture thrown in.’’
    • ‘A couple of these co-ops also produced minor quantities of other products, such as butter, nonfat dry milk or whey products in addition to cheese.’
    • ‘Several dairy producer groups argue that MPC imports are displacing domestic milk solids, such as nonfat dry milk.’
    • ‘Boost the nutritional value by adding a little nonfat dry milk to increase calcium, some shredded carrots for betacarotene and whole wheat bread or even oatmeal for the bread crumbs.’
    • ‘The West Coast, especially the Golden State, is responsible for producing most of the country's ice cream, butter, nonfat dry milk and cheese.’
    • ‘Add 2 tablespoons of dry milk to absorb extra moisture.’
    • ‘I asked her as she started to make a quart of dry milk.’
    • ‘The support price for nonfat dry milk remains the same at 60.6 cents.’