Definition of dry plate in English:

dry plate


  • A glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatin-based emulsion, used formerly as an improvement on the earlier wet plate.

    • ‘These studies ended in 1880 when with the introduction of the dry plate process he deemed photography to be no longer worthy of artistic endeavour.’
    • ‘The development of the photographic dry plate in 1878 cut exposure times and made cameras simpler and more portable.’
    • ‘In the 1870s technicians produced a dry plate with silver salts in a gelatine base which did not need to be sensitized in liquid but was ready to use and could be developed long afterwards.’
    • ‘As partial compensation for these logistical challenges, Rau did benefit from the advent of the dry plate.’
    • ‘The use of dry plates considerably simplified the process of taking photographs, particularly landscapes.’