Definition of dry up in English:

dry up

phrasal verb

  • 1informal Cease talking.

    ‘then he dried up, and Phil couldn't get another word out of him’
    • ‘As BBC producers knew only too well, although he was a great talker, when faced with a microphone, he would dry up.’
    • ‘I am worried that when I perform in front of people, I will dry up.’
    stop speaking, stop talking, fall silent, say no more, shut up
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  • 2(of something perceived as a continuous flow or source) decrease and stop.

    ‘his commissions began to dry up’
    • ‘With non-renewable energy sources drying up pretty rapidly alternatives will start to come on stream consistently in the coming years, Dr O'Connor said.’
    • ‘Many companies in the US over-invested on the back of ambitious growth forecasts and find themselves heavily indebted as cash flows dry up.’
    • ‘I think his cash flow may dry up and he won't be able to put his kids through college.’
    • ‘The sole means of income dried up and she stopped going to school.’
    • ‘My source of free-range eggs dried up last month when Mr Fox made off with our neighbour's hens.’
    • ‘Now, with increased pollution, even that source of income is drying up.’
    • ‘Roles begin to dry up for women in Hollywood by about 45, she concedes, and branching out was part of remaining vital in the business.’
    • ‘When revenue from albums began to dry up, it was natural for bands to raise concert prices.’
    • ‘But by the end of 2002 the stream of good news began to dry up as the economic downturn dragged on.’
    • ‘When the movie work began to dry up, Groucho Marx found a new lease of life as the host of a radio quiz show, You Bet Your Life.’
    dwindle, wane, disappear, fail, vanish, subside, peter out, fade, fade away, die away, die off, die out, taper off, trail away, trail off, ebb, melt away, evaporate, come to nothing, come to a an end, come to a halt end, run out, give out
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