Definition of dry well in English:

dry well


  • 1A shaft or chamber constructed in the ground in order to aid drainage, sometimes containing pumping equipment.

    • ‘Drain water from pools, hot tubs and roof drains to a ditch or separate dry well.’
    • ‘If that is not possible, dig a 2-foot by 2-foot dry well for the pipe to discharge into.’
    • ‘Big Jim fell through the planks covering a dry well while preaching, dying with holy words in his mouth and a glimpse of the stars at noon.’
    • ‘The intervals were selected because the plants had asserted that the dumping of chlorinated solvents into dry wells and sewers had ceased in 1983, and clean-up activities were proceeding.’
    • ‘The pressure from the water rushing into the dry wells caused the covers to shoot up into the air!’
    • ‘To drill this many dry wells required intense concentration on the part of the British drillers.’
    • ‘My mother was furious at me for disobeying nature's plan and tossed me in the dry well full of bibles to think about what I've done.’
    • ‘Aidan felt like he was sitting at the bottom of a dry well, his thoughts echoing off the walls of his mind to be thrown back at him twice as loud.’
    • ‘Faulkner tries to match him but Ruth poured it down like a bucket of water down a dry well.’
  • 2

    another term for dry hole