Definition of dryblow in English:


verbdryblew, dryblown

[with object]Australian, New Zealand
  • Separate (particles of gold or another mineral) from the surrounding material using a current of air.

    ‘if we can't wash the gold, we'll have to dryblow it’
    • ‘Lack of water slowed down the panning of alluvial gold and diggers had to resort to dry blowing it.’
    • ‘He put the resulting dust and fragments into the tin dish and proceeded to dry blow it.’
    • ‘The miners hand-worked their patches as if they were pioneers, forced into using the rough skills of digging, scraping and dry blowing by hand.’
    • ‘The gold, which, although they could only dry-blow, they judged would be payable after the advent of the rains.’
    • ‘They had to dry-blow the dirt to get what gold there was.’


Mid 19th century from dry+ blow.