Definition of dryer sheet in English:

dryer sheet


  • A fabric softener sheet.

    • ‘If you have ever used a fabric softener dryer sheet with your polyester garments, you may have seen ‘grease’ spots appear on your garment.’
    • ‘Rub a dryer sheet on tights, and static disappears!’
    • ‘Another thing that you can do is to place it inside a non-scented, anti-static dryer sheet to sop up odors.’
    • ‘Avoid using artificial air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners or other synthetic fragrances as they can pollute the air you are breathing.’
    • ‘Similarly, Bounce dryer sheets may provide protection if you rub them on your skin and hang them from your belt loop.’
    • ‘Do not use old dryer sheets, disposable dust towels or cleansers of any kind on these sensitive surfaces.’
    • ‘Laundry soap and dryer sheets can usually be bought where you are going.’
    • ‘Used dryer sheets are perfect for this kind of stuffing or even tiny fabric scraps that are too small for other uses.’
    • ‘Interviews have been going on, and the guy being interviewed now smells like dryer sheets.’