Definition of drylands in English:


plural noun

North American
  • An arid area; a region with low rainfall.

    ‘farmers in the drylands who depend on crops such as millet will need seeds that can thrive in a harsher climate’
    as modifier dryland ‘dryland agriculture’
    • ‘There must be a special focus on farming in drylands and unirrigated areas.’
    • ‘Some of those drylands, like the Atacama of Chile, the Namib and Kalahari deserts of southern Africa, and the western Australian desert, are the result of cold oceanic currents that divert rain-laden air away from coastlines.’
    • ‘Bill, a contractor who grew up in nearby Huntington Beach, brags about the pre-eminence of BMX here in the drylands of Riverside County.’
    • ‘Even when it comes to irrigation and water conservation, agricultural scientists have ignored the time-tested systems prevalent in the harsh drylands and have instead tried to impose alien technologies.’
    • ‘Kangaroo rats were first seen in the Pliocene, at a time when the drylands occupied by the majority of modern species were widespread in North America.’
    • ‘His eyes were distant as he remembered the African drylands.’
    • ‘Large-scale landslides (specifically flowslides) and mass flowage of loess are frequently triggered by heavy, seasonal rainstorms (including the summer monsoonal rains) in the drylands of Asia and elsewhere.’
    • ‘Consequently, most of our knowledge of Tournaisian tropical vegetation is centred on the drylands.’
    • ‘The Cordaitales, an extinct order of plants closely related to the conifers, occupied a wide range of environments during Pennsylvanian times including wetlands, drylands, and uplands.’
    • ‘This group, which included scrambling shrubs to giant forest trees, flourished in wetlands, drylands, and uplands across the Pennsylvanian tropical zone.’
    • ‘Most of Africa's drylands lack basic infrastructure, such as electricity and appropriate facilities for communication.’
    • ‘Yet their touchstone remains the drylands of Texas and Arizona.’